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Foundation (incorporated as T. Ortiz).

Transfer from Barcelona to the new weaving plant in Santa Perpetua.

Expansion and creation of the dyeing and finishing plant.

Change from water-powered loom to Tsudakoma air jet loom.

First issue of ISO9001 Certificate, Registration number ES-0363/1996.

First issue of OEKO-TEX Certificate, Registration number 991000.

Joint management of industrial supplies.

Weaving plant expansion.

Celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary.

Finishing plant expansion.

Installation of photovoltaic panels.

Expansion of the logistics platform.

Installation of wind turbines.

Expansion of the waste water treatment plant.

Sustainable waste recycling.

Increase in industrial capacity.

Complete industrial verticalisation.

Step towards to the free gas market, being the first company in Spain

Entering into the healthcare market through Covid gowns

12.5 Mwp of photovoltaic panels, which generate more than 100% of the plant's consumption

Development and commercialization of the future 2030 health profile and obtaining all certifications

Dyeing factory, the only one in the world to obtain Inditex “A” certification for the supply chain

Massive entry into the new national and international health market. Expansion of the Santa Perpetua’s weaving plant to 150 looms.

Underway Projects: Geothermal, ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge), Yarn 100% Recycled Polyester, Product circularity



Our company started up its business activity in Barcelona more than 60 years ago. T. Ortiz is a pioneering company in the manufacture of synthetic and artificial fabrics, and it is currently one of the leading companies in its market.

The company specialises in linings. It has successfully adapted to the times through continuous innovation and ground-breaking developments in aspects related to technology, service and commercialisation, thereby earning the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Our continuous investment in next-generation machinery and the extensive review and improvement of our processes has allowed us to achieve our objectives, based on our firm resolution to continue as the leader of our market from the very beginning.


Experience has opened up a whole new world for us

Today, we are able to offer high efficiency in delivery times, and this is appreciated by our customers. We offer a wide range of stocks and great flexibility in our services.


Where to find us:

C/ Roger de Flor 6-8. Polígon Can Vinyals. 08130 - Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona) - Spain

We are only 20 kilometres from Barcelona city centre. Most of the country’s imports and exports enter and leave through the port of Barcelona.

Our premises, which occupy a surface area of over 35,000 m2, are 500 metres from the AP7 motorway, the most important communications route that connects France with the rest of Spain. Thanks to this motorway, we are only 25 minutes from the international airport and from the port zone of Barcelona.